PN-CP27B MP 3800R13(RU) Центральный процессор системы


Код товара: 01676

Артикул: PN-CP27B MP 3800R13(RU)



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Доставка Доставка в пределах МКАД - 900,00 руб.

По территории Московской области + 20 руб./км.

Доставка товара до ТК Байкал-Сервис в любой регион России осуществляется бесплатно при любой сумме заказа.

PN-CP27B MP 3800R13(RU) Центральный процессор системы NEAX NEC 2000IPS.


Main Processor Card for Backup CPU system
Provides LAN control function, system-based Device Registration
Server (DRS), Virtual FP, built-in OAI, built-in SMDR on RS-
232C, built-in SMDR on IP*, built-in PMS on IP*, Virtual IPT,
Virtual CSH, 33 MHz PCI BUS, Memory (SDRAM 32 MB, Flash
ROM 9 MB), TDSW (1024CH × 1024CH), 16-line CFT, PB
sender, Clock, 2-line PLO (receiver mode/source mode), two RS-
232C ports, 2-line DAT (Recording duration: Maximum 128 seconds),
DK, 4-line PB receiver, Modem for remote maintenance
(33.6 Kbps), Music-on-Hold tone, BUS interface. BUS interface
functions as a driver/receiver of various signals, adjusts gate delay
timing and cable delay timing, monitors I/O Bus and PCM BUS.
Two cards are required per Backup CPU system.
One card for active MP [MP0] and another card for stand by MP
*: Series 3400 software enhancement

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